Planning my first travel adventure- Iceland Part 2

Iceland Part 2
Rising by Daniel Sjöström

In Part 1, I wrote a bit on why I have selected Iceland for my first travel adventure outside of Africa. If you missed that post here is a link.

In Part 2, I will let you in on a big secret- Our Itinerary and some planning tips.


Starting to plan our trip to Iceland was no easy task and still isn’t. Iceland only recently became known as one of the top holiday destinations, but this being said there are still limited sources with in depth information about traveling in Iceland.

After a bit of research, you will realise that Iceland is not the cheapest destination out there. The main reason for this is the car rental, hotel accommodation and the food and drink which all add up if you stay longer than a few days.

There are different options out there, which will be influence by a number of factors. Including season, reason, time available, interest and budget. More on all these options in Part 3.

our Trip

The Season

Iceland winter Polar Cap
Iceland in Winter


After all my research I decided that autumn will be the perfect time for us to go, so because September 2016 was too close to plan leave and save money, September 2017 was the next option. Why autumn? More about my choice in Part 3.


The duration of our trip have changed so many times!!! 7 days… O wait, I want to see that too. Maybe make it 10 days… O but wait, what about the Westfjords… Ok let’s make it 14 days. 2 weeks should be enough. Famous last words.

At the moment the plan is to go for 17 days.


So what about getting around in Iceland?

Public transport? No, because you are limited in stopping where you want and taking pictures.

Tour Busses? No, because once again you are limited in stopping anywhere or everywhere and taking pictures.

What’s left- Road trip with a Car? Yes, sound like what we need, but it’s not perfect yet.

Camping Van? Well that’s perfect- Accommodation and transport in one!!! These camper van rental companies are my favourite at the moment because of value for money. – Go Campers and Kuku Campers.

Where should we go?

The plan is to go all around Iceland. Using mainly the Ring Road and taking smaller roads to access the Snæfellsnes, the Westfjords, the Diamond Circle in the North  and the Golden Circle in the South.


Traditional Turf Houses
Icelandic Traditional Turf Covered Houses


Overall itinerary

Day 1 – Airport⇒ Mosfellsbær area Þingvellir National Park Mosfellsbær area

Þingvellir rift
Þingvellir rift


Day 2 – Mosfellsbær area Akranes Borgarnes Snæfellsnes


Day 3 – Snæfellsnes Westfjords

Day 4 – Westfjords

Day 5 – Westfjords

Atlantic Puffin
Atlantic Puffin

Day 6 – Hvammstrangi Blönduós Siglufjörður Olafsfjörður


Day 7 – Olafsfjörður Akureryri Husavik Ásbyrgi Canyon


Day 8 – Ásbyrgi Canyon Dettifoss Myvatn Reykjahlið


Day 9 – Reykjahlið Myvatn Egilsstaðir Seyðisfjörður

Myvatn - Geothermal Area
Myvatn – Geothermal Area

Day 10 – Seyðisfjörður Djupivogur Höfn

Höfn harbour
Höfn Harbour

Day 11 – Höfn Jökulsarlon Lagoon

Jökulsarlon Lagoon- My favourite spot

Day 12 – Jökulsarlon Lagoon Skaftafell National Park

Skaftafell Glacier
Skaftafell Glacier

Day 13 – Skaftafell National Park Krikjubæjarklaustur Reynisfjara (Vik) Hvolsvöllur

Skogafoss Waterfall

Day 14 – Hvolsvöllur Selfoss Reykholt

Day 15 – Reykholt Selfoss Mosfellsbær Reykjavik

Icelandic Horse
Icelandic Horse

Day 16 – Reykjavik Blue Lagoon Grindavik Reykjanesbær

Day 17 – Reykjanesbær Airport


Over the next few weeks we will look into each day, in more detail and I will even throw in some extra travel planning tips.

Please leave me a comment, if you have suggestions on secret spots you’ve been in Iceland or if you just want to connect.

Skál fyrir nú (Cheers for now), signing out – MWAAP

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