Planning my first travel adventure- Iceland Part 1


What an adventure it has been so far and I haven’t even gone yet!!!


Overseas travel has been a dream of mine, since I got my first taste of international travel. I was fortunate in traveling through Namibia and Botswana with my parents, on one of our December holidays. The sheer beauty of our neighboring countries were intoxicating. This got me thinking, how awesome must it be to see all of God’s creations going about their day to day activities.


I’m planning on making that dream or at least some of it come true with my first overseas trip next year.


“Why Iceland?” is the first question people usually ask me, when I accidently on purpose, manage to bring my travel plans into the conversation. This makes me smile and is almost always the start of a lengthy explanation, which comprise a presentation and various visits to video platforms. Here is some to indulge in.


“Why Iceland?”


This question may also be on your lips.

Well to answer this we have to go back to the beginning.

I’ve been fond of waterfalls most my life. So one day after work I decide to browse Pinterest for waterfalls of the world to add to my bucket list. One by one is start the add the most impressive ones. Angel falls (Venezuela), Tugela falls (South Africa), Skógafoss (Iceland), Seljalandsfoss (Iceland), Goðafoss (Iceland), Yosemite falls (USA), Victoria falls (Zambia), Gullfoss (Iceland) and Dettifoss (Iceland).


Ummm… do you see it?


5 of the waterfalls on my quick selected wish list is in Iceland. My reaction: Wow! But where is Iceland anyway?


So the research began. 3 years later and I’m still pining waterfalls from Iceland, this time not only to my wish list but also to my itinerary.


Some quick interesting facts about Iceland:

Country size: 103 000 – South Africa is 1.22 million

Population (2015): 329 100 of which almost 40% stay in Reykjavik

Language: Icelandic, but English is widely spoken.

Flag: Blue, red and white- Blue for skies, White for snow and glaciers and Red for volcanic fire. (How cool is that)

Capital City: Reykjavik 273 – A little bigger than Bloemfontein.

Waterfalls: Countless

Swimming pools: Countless

Icelanders don’t have conventional surnames, but use the father’s first name and add son of daughter to it.

Iceland is probably the only place in the world where the effects of two major tectonic plates drifting apart can easily be observed above sea level.


I hope this sparks a little interest in Iceland.


In the next part I will tell you a bit more about where to start planning, my itinerary and all the adventures I’m planning.

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