Friendsgiving – The New Kid on the Block


If you’re a South African like me, thanksgiving was must likely only something you seen or heard of in movies. About 2 years ago my friends and I decided to have a thanksgiving of our own; just like you see on TV, little did we know that “Friendsgiving” is a thing.

Today while scrolling through Pinterest for party ideas, I came across a picture with the words Friendsgiving on it. After some research I was amazed at the popularity of it.


So you may say…. wait wait Hanri, first tell us what Friendsgiving is. Well it’s basically Thanksgiving with friends as the name suggests, but without all the classic rules and date linked to it.

Sure you will basically right about now think what makes this different from any other run-of-the-mill dinner party with friends. Here is just some of the ways it is different.


5  Things the makes Friendsgiving special

PumpkinsWine bottlefood-salad-healthy-vegetables

1.    The host makes the turkey; but all the guests contribute to the feast, either with their traditional dish, some dish they’re famous for or wine.

Wine now that is the first thing any Capetonian will understand.

2.     On the day we give thanks to our friends, in a special way.
Friends are very special and are extremely important in our day to day lives. So why not celebrate that by showing or letting them know just how important they are.

3.     Friendsgiving can be held as many times a year as you like with as many different friend groups you want.

4.    By letting each guest/ friend bring something special to them, you might just learn something new about your friends. Imagine they actual make the most awesome brownies…. Just think how many times you may have missed out on them…

5.    There are no rules relating to formalness, make it as glamorous or casual as you want.
Isn’t this awesome!!!I see 5 good reasons (not that I need any) to start planning my very own Friendsgiving this year.

Inspiration for you, to host your own Friendsgiving: 

•    Why not go “old school” and send out designer invites.

•    This is the time to put together that spectacular dinner table you’ve been dreaming about, but never get to do. Jennifer Carroll from Celebrating Everyday Life did exactly this with this very pretty blue inspired thanksgiving table.

•   Click here for Some Food inspirations.

•    Why not have dessert first? Just imaging the surprise on your friends faces. ? One thing I wanted to do as long as I can remember.Dessert

•    Try secret thanksgiving – Divide your friends, give each a name of another and ask them to do/say/give something special to that person.
•   Have a giving thanks jar – Each friend writes down what they thankful for anonymously and the you read the responses after dinner and try to guess who wrote it. Like this one from The 36 Avenue.

•    Giving back – Do your friends always say they wish the world could be a happier place and they wish they could help? Then why not do a community outreach for the day and then have a casual dinner afterwards.


I hope you find some kind of inspiration from this, well at least I did.?


Watch this space for the pictures from my Friendsgiving.

Signing out- MWAAP.


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