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Friendsgiving – The Momentous Occasion


Protea Table

In my previous post about Friendsgiving (read here) I promised some photos of the Friendsgiving I hosted.

This was just one of those days everything came together perfectly, the weather, the turkey, the timing and the friends.

We enjoyed every last bit of it, but let the pictures speak for itself.

The menu of the day:


Okay so food is a big part of what makes a good dinner party, but what makes is great is the prep and of course the dinner table. I decided on a Protea theme as it is fresh and truly South African. Here is some pics of the dinner table.

Thank you for sharing this experience with me.

Drop me a comment if you want to know any recipes from the menu, I’m sure I can twist a friends arm for it.

Crustless Mini Breakfast Quiches Made Easy

Perfect for breakfast, brunch or as a snack.

Crustless Mini Breakfast Quiches

This recipe is when you want to impress your friends with something different for breakfast or when you want to spoil that someone special.
The beauty of this recipe is that is fully customisable, Banting approved and irresistible. What more do you want?
If you want to make this for snacks why not use a mini muffin pan.

Planning my first travel adventure- Iceland Part 1


What an adventure it has been so far and I haven’t even gone yet!!!


Overseas travel has been a dream of mine, since I got my first taste of international travel. I was fortunate in traveling through Namibia and Botswana with my parents, on one of our December holidays. The sheer beauty of our neighboring countries were intoxicating. This got me thinking, how awesome must it be to see all of God’s creations going about their day to day activities. (more…)

The Best Ever Butter Cake Recipe

Butter Cake
This recipe is close to my family’s heart as it was the recipe of my mom’s best friend, Madelein Brooks.

This butter cake is what my sister and I made on a Sunday for dessert. The birthday cake for everyone in the family that don’t like chocolate cake and the cake we use to make the family customised trifle, just to mention a few. (more…)